Coin Mintage

Silver Coin Mintage

Finding the Mintage of various Coins at one place arranged by year has usually been a challenge. So here is a consolidated list for Silver coins arranged by year. The mintage starts from as early as 1981 and continues all the way to 2013.

The coins covered in this list are Canadian Maple leaf, American Silver Eagles, Austrian Philharmonics, Mexican Libertads, Australian Kookaburra, Koala, Perth Mint Lunar Series 1 and 2, Krugerrand and Brittania’s.

One of the key information I have tried to compile is the breakup of Old square capsules and New Remint Kookaburras.

Mintage of Silver coins (click on the image to see details)


 Mintage of Gold coins

Gold Coin Mintage

I believe this would be useful for all collectors.

Do let  me know if you would like me to add any more years or coins


Kookaburra Mintage, Libertad Mintage, American Eagle Mintage, Canadian Maple Mintage, Lunar series 1 mintage, Lunar series 2 mintage, Brittania mintage, Australian Philharmonic mintage, Panda mintage, comparative mintage coins

5 thoughts on “Coin Mintage”

  1. Excellent work. I was trying to get the mintage details myself into a single spreadsheet and this is a big help. Would you also have the consolidated details of the proof mintages in the silver coins ? thanks.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. Sorry at this stage I don’t have proofs at one place. Would be adding a few more coins to this chart soon though


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