SGD breaches the Rs.39 mark, Eyeing Rs.40!!

SGD breached the Rs.39 mark in the interbank market today. Its been a volatile past few days with swings of around 5% with a downside move from 38.4 to 37.25 (3% downside) and then back up at 39.05 (upside of 4.9%).

The key events to have taken place in the plast few days have been a depretiation of SGD to 1.30 from the highs of 1.20 against the USD before the MAS policy meeting and then swing back to 1.26. The reason for the downmove was a possibility of MAS reversing its stand on strengthening SGD. However MAS indicated that it would allows gradual appreciation of SGD against the undisclosed basket of currencies making the slope of the curve less steep.
On the other side INR depreciated to 49.2 from the 45 mark – thanks to the undecisiveness in the global markets.

An obvious question that comes to mind is that can SGD touch the Rs.40 mark – I would say quite likely. All that needs to happen for the move to happen is some more chaos in the global markets. A weakening of INR to 52 against USD and SGD to 1.30 would result in a Rs.40 mark which is a 2.5% move from here.

Alternatively SGD could move to 1.25 and INR to 50 to get the same result.

But for either scenarios to play out there has to be increased uncertainity in the global markets. I would say hold on to SGD , if you already have, for next 2 weeks – you just might get a Rs.40 conversion.


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