SGD @ 1.30 in next 3 months

“What? you must be kidding!!”

I know, I know – that’s exactly what my reaction was looking at the chart for SGD USD. I would not have bothered to look at the charts if not for SGD breaking 1.24 mark, specially not after the forecasts earlier in the year by leading financial institutions was for SGD USD to break the 1.20 barrier.

SGD forecast

The charts show an interesting trend – the one of SGD bottoming out and heading higher. Overlaying that with macro economic picture confirms the trend.

Now if you are wondering what has changed in just 2 months then I would say its just the feel good factor nothing more, other bits were in the making for long.

MAS provide guidance on SGD through monetary policy and the NEER bands for SGD but rarely suggests a target. The stance of MAS has not changed.

My hypothesis for reasons of SGD weakness primarily starts by looking at the bond markets. Singapore has a robust economy and reserves which make SGD government bonds literally risk free. In the past years money flowed into SGD Bonds seeking safety of capital. Also the property market in Singapore attracted a lot of foreign investors.

With the US stock markets on all time high, Nikkei on a bull run and general sense of economy looking better the capital has started moving from safe havens to more risky assets. I am guessing that the money if moving out of SGD bonds to equities here. Also with the latest government measures to cool down the property market some of the hot money chasing the properties in Singapore would be looking for other avenues. Both these factors mean that demand for SGD denominated assets would go down thereby resulting in lesser demand for Singapore dollars.

With the inflation well within Government targets and  falling fuel prices a weaker SGD augurs well for the economy – specially tourism and services sectors.

You would still be wondering what makes me boldly suggest a 1.3 target specially when the charts suggest a reversal at 1.28 and yes I agree I might have pushed a little too far with 1.30 forecast but markets are not always rational and tend to overshoot, nevertheless 1.28 certainly looks very real 🙂


8 thoughts on “SGD @ 1.30 in next 3 months”

  1. SGD is at 1.28 now against the USD. The first leg of the prediction comes true. Will it breach 1.30 is now to be seen, though with 5-6 days in June it look unlikely this month


    1. SGD is not immune to the global trends, I think there is still a possibility for it to cross 1.27-1.28 mark against the USD. Markets usually price in the rumours and the recent sell off in INR is one such classic example.

      However given the general strength of Singapore economy compared to other countries in the region it should remain reltively stronger


  2. Hiii Aditya…… today SGD to INR is at 44.8……..

    Would it increase to higher levels than the current……..I have SGD to be converted, but not in a hurry to convert…………Can do it at my will and wish. Would it be good to keep the SGD until this year end aor may be even next year


    1. Hi Veena,

      I don’t think it will sustain at these levels and converting and investing in Fixed deposits would yield a better return over one year time frame.

      I would recommend converting in small chunks starting the moment its near 45.

      Hope this helps.


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