Forty Breached, What’s Next??

SGD finally breached the 40 mark against the INR and as anticipated in mid Oct all that was needed was some more chaos in the global financial markets and a move of INR to 52 against the USD and SGD claiming the 1.30 mark. Lots of movement – right?

So the obvious question which would come to mind is where is the pair headed next? Can it stay above the 40 mark? Can it march towards the 45 territory? or is it slated to drop back to 36-38 territory?

INR quickly precipitating to 52.7 mark and RBI not intervening was a surprise, people eagerly waited for an indication from the RBI governor and it finally came in the last week.

In Singapore on the other side  the inflation quickened pace predominantly attributed to weaker SGD but it did help exports.

Now the stage is set for some pullback – RBI governor relaxed rules on how much money the Indian companies could borrow in foreign markets and also increased the interest rates on the NRI accounts. Both the measures should help strengthen the Rupee as more Foreign money flows into India. The Interest Rates are still attractive @ 10% and make the deposits in India a good investment.

MAS on the other hand might let the SGD stay against the current levels to keep growth intact.

I am expecting the INR to slowly ease back to the 50 mark against the USD and SGD to hover in the 1.28 ~ 1.30 range with occasional bouts of spikes to 1.32/1.33 mark.

This should make the SGD INR pair volatile with base rate around 38.75 ~ 39.06 with occasional drops to 37.5.

Yes I am expecting a pull back!

There is an odd chance of INR moving to 55 against the USD if Italy defaults or some odd event happens in Europe. The key here would be the price of Oil for RBI, if the price falls substantially – RBI would not intervene in the market even if the rupee went all the way to 55, but if the current rates of 90$+ continues then RBI would be left with no choice but to sell some dollars and reign in the fuel price fuelled inflation


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