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Forty Breached, What’s Next??

SGD finally breached the 40 mark against the INR and as anticipated in mid Oct all that was needed was some more chaos in the global financial markets and a move of INR to 52 against the USD and SGD claiming the 1.30 mark. Lots of movement – right?

So the obvious question which would come to mind is where is the pair headed next? Can it stay above the 40 mark? Can it march towards the 45 territory? or is it slated to drop back to 36-38 territory?

INR quickly precipitating to 52.7 mark and RBI not intervening was a surprise, people eagerly waited for an indication from the RBI governor and it finally came in the last week.

In Singapore on the other side  the inflation quickened pace predominantly attributed to weaker SGD but it did help exports.

Now the stage is set for some pullback – RBI governor relaxed rules on how much money the Indian companies could borrow in foreign markets and also increased the interest rates on the NRI accounts. Both the measures should help strengthen the Rupee as more Foreign money flows into India. The Interest Rates are still attractive @ 10% and make the deposits in India a good investment.

MAS on the other hand might let the SGD stay against the current levels to keep growth intact.

I am expecting the INR to slowly ease back to the 50 mark against the USD and SGD to hover in the 1.28 ~ 1.30 range with occasional bouts of spikes to 1.32/1.33 mark.

This should make the SGD INR pair volatile with base rate around 38.75 ~ 39.06 with occasional drops to 37.5.

Yes I am expecting a pull back!

There is an odd chance of INR moving to 55 against the USD if Italy defaults or some odd event happens in Europe. The key here would be the price of Oil for RBI, if the price falls substantially – RBI would not intervene in the market even if the rupee went all the way to 55, but if the current rates of 90$+ continues then RBI would be left with no choice but to sell some dollars and reign in the fuel price fuelled inflation


SGD breaches the Rs.39 mark, Eyeing Rs.40!!

SGD breached the Rs.39 mark in the interbank market today. Its been a volatile past few days with swings of around 5% with a downside move from 38.4 to 37.25 (3% downside) and then back up at 39.05 (upside of 4.9%).

The key events to have taken place in the plast few days have been a depretiation of SGD to 1.30 from the highs of 1.20 against the USD before the MAS policy meeting and then swing back to 1.26. The reason for the downmove was a possibility of MAS reversing its stand on strengthening SGD. However MAS indicated that it would allows gradual appreciation of SGD against the undisclosed basket of currencies making the slope of the curve less steep.
On the other side INR depreciated to 49.2 from the 45 mark – thanks to the undecisiveness in the global markets.

An obvious question that comes to mind is that can SGD touch the Rs.40 mark – I would say quite likely. All that needs to happen for the move to happen is some more chaos in the global markets. A weakening of INR to 52 against USD and SGD to 1.30 would result in a Rs.40 mark which is a 2.5% move from here.

Alternatively SGD could move to 1.25 and INR to 50 to get the same result.

But for either scenarios to play out there has to be increased uncertainity in the global markets. I would say hold on to SGD , if you already have, for next 2 weeks – you just might get a Rs.40 conversion.

SGD/INR – Has anything really changed??


Its been almost a year since I wrote anything on SGD INR or for that matter anything else. With the rate hovering around 35 there have been quite a few requests for me to express my views and here is my opinion.

How has the Past Analysis fared?

In my last post  (10th May 2010) I had recommended that converting SGD to INR at 33+ mark as it is beneficial based on Interest Rate Parity:

  1. Interest Rate on secured deposits  in India was 8% or more making conversion attractive and
  2.  The expectation was a downward movement from then rate of 32.4 against one SGD to Rs.30 giving additional gains

The first part of analysis held good but the rate moved opposite  – towards the Rs. 35 mark.

The instant question that comes to mind is Did I lose if I converted to INR instead of holding SGD’s?

The answer is NO. As per recommendation the pair moved to 33.29 within 2 weeks of recommendation on 21 May 2010. One Dollar coverted to INR @ 33.29 for 1 year and invested @ 8% would grow to 35.95 which is less than todays interbank rate of 35.85

Whats the recommendation for upcoming months?

I am going to stick with my recommendation that converting SGD to INR is beneficial in all situations and one would not loose by repartriating money to India and parking in fixed deposits.

The Interest Rates have strenghthened to 9.5% as of today and conversion has become even more attractive. To substantiate – lets say we convert 1 SGD @ 35.85  now and invest @ 9.5%, it will grow to 39.25 in one years time. Would SGD INR touch 39.25 in one year? Unlikely!!

SGD INR rate is a cross between USD-INR and USD-SGD for which the current rate is 44.25 and 1.235 respectively. For SGD INR to fetch 39.25 in a year the USD-SGD would have to move to 1.13, assuming that there is no change to USD INR.

Consensus on the street is that USD-SGD could move up to 1.19 by October 2011. Even if INR weakens to 46 against the USD the possible rate would be  38.65 after a year which is lesser than what you get by investing in a Fixed Deposit.

How do I decide when is a good time to convert?

Exchange rates do not move linearly and with the volatility its difficult to know if its a good time to convert. Also at the request of few readers I have added the dimension of taxability of interest income @ 30%. The below graph shows the movement of SGD INR for the past 2 years.

Two important observations are:

  1. SGD INR has stayed below the Tax Adjusted Implied Rate (TAIR) line except 2 occasions
  2. Its beneficial to convert to INR whenever the actual rate moves away positively from the TAIR.

On 13 Sep 2009 the TAIR was 32.94 and Actual Rate was 33.94, Actual Rate moved back to TAIR of 33.01 on 4 Oct 2009. On 30 Jan 2011 the Actual Rate was 35.81 against the TAIR of 35.49 and the two converged to 35.53 by 6 Feb 2011.

The chart below shows the prediction based on curent exchange rate of 35.85, Interest rate of 8.5% till 30 June 2011 and 9% after that till 31 Dec 2011, tax of 30% and Start of Year Rate of 34.96:


The expectation is that with the Singapore elections on 7 May 2011 the SGD might appreciate quickly towards 1.19 against the USD giving a possible rate of 36.5 in next 2 weeks. If this happens you know what to do!!



Update – 30 May 2011

The Interbank Rate moved up to 36.55 today – target achieved. There is a slight possibility of the pair flirting with 37 levels but 36.5 is a good rate to convert.